Kindle Scribe: Tips & Tricks

The “Kindle Scribe” eBooks created by Figgy Designs are created specifically to take advantage of the write-on capabilities of the Kindle Scribe. Use the tips and tricks below to help you get the best experience with your eBooks.

Pen Settings

Use the Pen options to set the type and thickness of your pen to match the lines in the book or to create your own unique look.


Use your fingers to zoom in on the page to make drawing fine details easier. You can also pan across the page by swiping with your hand. Be sure to give the screen a moment to refresh after each movement. Exit the zoomed-in view by tapping the X on the top-right of the screen.

Brightness & Contrast

The images in these eBooks are meant to be in lower contrast to allow you to easily see your pen marks on the page. If the images are not visible on your screen — or if you find them too contrasty — you may need to adjust your Brightness and/or Contrast settings.

  • Brightness can be adjusted using the Quick Actions at the top of the screen. Access this setting by tapping near the top of the screen to make the Reading Navigation Toolbar visible, then tap the arrow at the top to reveal the Quick Actions.
  • Contrast can be adjusted by accessing it from within the Layout options. Access this setting by tapping near the top of the screen to make the Reading Navigation Toolbar visible, and then tap the Aa icon to reveal the Layout settings.

Save your finished design

You can create a screenshot of your finished work by tapping on opposite corners of the screen simultaneously. The saved image file can be accessed by connecting your Kindle Scribe to a computer via USB.

Tip: To make your screenshot clean and tidy, access the Hide Writing Toolbar setting within the Reading Navigation Toolbar.

Set the Premium Pen shortcut

If using the Premium Pen, try setting a shortcut with the pen to a different drawing medium. For example, if your default medium is set to “Pen”, you can set the shortcut to “Marker” and adjust the thickness in the Writing Toolbar. This allows you to quickly toggle to a thicker (or thinner) line when tracing over the images. Here’s how:

  1. Access the Kindle Scribe’s Settings page.
  2. Select Pen Settings on the left.
  3. Use the Shortcut button option to set your shortcut.

Erase and start over again and again …

One of the advantages of drawing on the Kindle Scribe is the ability to erase your work and start over. This allows you to enjoy tracing over the same images within this eBook as many times as you like!