Mosaic Mystery Landscapes Coloring Book

Mosaic Mystery: Landscapes

Pixel Art Color by Letter

by Figgy Designs

Unlock a world of creativity and tranquility with “Mosaic Mystery: Landscapes – Pixel Art Color by Letter.” This unique coloring book offers hours of immersive fun, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking to relax and explore the beauty of nature through art.

Step into the breathtaking world of landscapes with 24 unique designs that will engage your artistic senses. Utilizing 4mm squares and a color-by-letter guide, each pattern transforms into a stunning natural vista as you color. From serene lakes to majestic mountains, the thrill of revealing each scenic masterpiece will captivate beginners and seasoned artists alike.

Key Features:

  • 24 meticulously crafted landscape designs
  • 4mm squares for intricate coloring
  • Innovative color-by-letter system
  • Images unfold as you add color
  • Full-color solutions page for reference or inspiration

Landscape designs in this book include: Sunsets, Autumn scenes, Tropical beaches, Nighttime scenes, Flower fields, a Lighthouse, Waterfalls, Rainbows, a Hot Air Balloon, Mountain scenes, a Snowy cabin in the woods, Cherry Blossoms, Cacti, Rock formations, Mushrooms, and a Cityscape.

Easy-to-read Letters: 4×4 mm squares with easy-to-read and accessible letters.

Color Techniques: Color each square fully, “cross-stitch” style, or put dots in each square to finish the design.

Let the mystery reveal itself: Watch the image transform as you color each square.

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Number of Coloring Pages:

24 illustrations

Total page count:

72 pages

Book Size:

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)